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no he is not a furry



Oh Hey Coots- GAAAAAAAAA HOLY AAAA- Technical Problem



this is a wonderful and a spooky game has a little bit of parkour in it too

Good job


Nice game !

wuts a hight enhancing pill?

Deleted post

That's one creepy lookin' cat. Pretty fun game though.

This was really fun , but I have questions why the furry friend wants to eat me 🤣

Actually fun, would be interested in different rooms :)

Can I get a linux version? Oh wait... Mab I can just use wine...


is it possible to get this on macbook pro?

sussy schoolgrounds = better then coots

common knowledge 

bro looks like cartoon cat

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(Gameplay below) Coots will forever haunt my nightmares…

 I enjoyed the game a lot! I do wish it was longer though as definitely has a lot of potential imo. There were a few things that I encountered that I couldn’t tell if they were intentional or not.  Certain surfaces were a tad bit slippery even long after I’d landed on them. I also randomly got  stuck a couple of times and my only option was to completely restart the game. Lastly, there  were moments where I’d completely miss the pill that you had to get when flying on the paper plane, despite me spamming E like no tomorrow. Other than those things, I’d say it’s a pretty cool game! 



Wish the ending was a lil better tho.

WOW! However simple this was, the plot of the game wasn't the highlight for me (although it was cool to parkour for these pills) it was the monster (aka Coots the cat) that made this game one of my favs. The design of him was so simple, yet SO horrifying and creepy. Well done! I want MORE COOTS!

(this was the last game I played in this vid, gameplay starts at 22:53)

very cute!

Curioso diría yo, pero entretenido xd te dejo mi Gameplay en español, junto con otro juego que te podría gustar!

Amazing small horror game! The jumpscare was intense! 



w game. check out my video!

управление ужасное особенно на мапеде. Слишком много лора.

Definitely scared the heck out of me, I really enjoyed it! (here is my playthrough if anyone is interested! game starts at 4:03)

g6nngn09 h8-pm80m,[-k

This  was really nice, had plenty of laughs with friends streaming this one.

Fantastic horror platformer! I would suggest adding a mouse sensitivity setting and maybe a "main menu", but other than those "fixes" just add more levels! Keep up the good work!

Good short horror game!

Take this cat back! I don't want it anymore lol. 

The cat was creepy as hell! I just missed some main menu, or the chance to change mouse sensibility. The controllers were a bit wonky as well. But other than that, was a fun little game, and quite scary when that thing jumps on you xD

Dude scared the sh1t outta me 😂 Good Game!

(I play it at 5:40)

Aunque estuviera corto, el juego estuvo muy entretenido

Furry Friend - A Review

By Person and Voice 2

Where’s the main menu? Seems a bit odd to just drop you in.

Neck enjoys baking bread.

The pills had no collision which felt very odd. Furthermore, there was no easy prompt that elaborated on how to interact so I spent a solid 30 seconds pressing buttons and jumping on the pill before I was able to interact. Eventually, my cursor managed to hang over the oddly placed hitbox.

The pills being an odd floating pickup had a very odd effect on the ambience, making it feel less like a part of the environment and more like a game object slapped on.

The jumpscare felt very weak. I fell off the edge and the predictable jumpscare just… waggled on screen for a second. Neck was very disappointed. It also took far too long to go away.

The model for Furry Friend seemed very oddly textured, like it was drawn as a raw sculpt and then plopped in. It doesn’t make it feel more scary, just more grimey. The shadows on the jumpscare also seemed overly underexposed.

Game’s physics felt very slippery. Even if it wasn’t too bad, I could still feel myself sliding a bit after running. This was especially bad when it came to slopes, which I found myself very quickly sliding down. This, in combination with the odd tile hitboxes, created a really janky and uncomfortable feel to the platforming.

Super Auto Pets Ad and Untextured Keyboard


The airplane accidentally soft locked me the first time, missing the odd window to interact with the pill in air.

I like the atmosphere of the environment. Also, I do believe it makes a bit more sense with the oddities once I noticed the more satirical figurine in a jar.

Overall, It was an odd game. Though it did appear to be a one off joke game, I do believe games should be able to maintain some quality and playability, even if it is satire.

As a joke, a 5/10, though due to its poor quality to stand as a game of its own, 3/10.

that was a nice little short game, i enjoyed it


Its a good game but oh my god :

1. the way we just keep slipping in sliding was very annoying

2. Mouse sensitivity is too slow

I didn't expect the jumpscare to be that scary ngl. The mouse sensitivity made this a bit more challenging but it was still fun.

Here's my gameplay of it. It starts at 05:21

Gameplay starts at 12:09
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