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is there a way to download this so i can port it to the 3ds?

i cant... polymars is on my reccomended

Where to download?

How to play on 3ds/dsi?

this lags soo hard 

This is Hard Game, But is also EPIC GAMER MODE

1/10. the controls are hard


skill issue



Ok, try playing any game ever, 

How do five buttons make a 1 star review?


how do i speed up? this is too slow


Its supposed to be slow - its a Pico-8 game (Pico-8 is a fantasy console designed to have limitations similar to 80s home computers )

oh thank



love the art style, and the fact that you made it in PICO-8 is amazing, also P8 is very underrated


he didn't make it, his friend did bc he isn't too good at pixel art.

Just because the pixel art was made by his friend, It doesn't mean programming means nothing. You would know that if you actually created anything and didn't complain all the time. Get them right next time.

pretty cool game i would say, different than any other game i've played.

its way too hard in my opinion, i think the movement should be more controllable with wasd for red and arrow keys for blue. other than that its pretty good!

why do u have to almost kill reece geofroy to make this

I think it was just a joke

it is not

a joke

Deleted 331 days ago

i went to polymars's house once, and he didn't want me going to his basement. when he was asleep, I snuck downstairs and found Reece's body



Sure. Go to the comedy club elsewhere

It sure is funny that this is your second dumb comment here.

it is

a joke*

This would've fit nicely in the GMTK 2021 jam :D


possible to have a windows build? I'm oldfashioned...wants to have my favorites games on my usb stick:)

download a pico 8 player, maybe?


With the GMTK game jam 2021's theme being "joined together", this would be a perfect submission!

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Really cool idea! Very original and unique, I enjoyed it.

I love the cute pixel art Reece made for this, and the simple and challenging gameplay is unlike anything I've ever seen before. We have to strategize in real time in order to get the string to line up with the baddies while avoiding certain death, and it's super clever in general.

Some leves can get REALLY hard, but man, they're worthwhile. What a lovely concept. Some levels are more like puzzles, while others are more like action sequences, and they're sweet.

I like to imagine that the blue one is PolyMars and the red one is Reece, or the other way around, and that the game is a metaphor for them trying to finish this project in Pico 8 in time for the jam, lol.


Easily one of the most challenging pico-8 games

Game doesn't start by clicking 2


It’s a Z


yahhhhhh!! I am a big dum dum

Yeah LOL a lot of YouTubers who played Undertale were also confused by it when they first played :rofl:

Game Idea: kinda like a fighting game but instead of health it fighters ego, and you shoot insults from a pop up menu that has options to make your own insult. style of the game kinda like a street fighter feel.

*it's the fighters ego

I'm really late but that's already a game (I forgot the name of it though).

isn't that like Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator?


New video soon?

very cool!


Challenging but a super fun idea! Brackeys should be proud. <3


never thought i'd see the elf man here


I'm always here! ;)

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Future video?


you bet!




that was slightly rage inducing but i had a good time :)

Haha, yeah definitely not an easy game to 100% complete!


That was really fun, I love multitasking games like this! Yall did a great job!

Thanks Joe! Glad you liked it :)

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Hi PolyMars can you change Z to Y for german keyboard layouts please?

You should be able to rebind keys in the standalone PICO-8 player: