You're Jeff K. Zos's newest employee in Bananazon, a game made in 2 weekends for the Godot Wild Jam #37!

You’re the newest employee at Bananazon. But, something feels off—all of your coworkers look miserable, and finding a way out seems impossible! It’s up to you to break this machine from the inside...

  • Bananas are your weapons. Hold the space bar to equip them from various points in the office!
  • While carrying a banana, hold the space bar to sabotage an item in the office. But be careful, the day will start over if a coworker notices!


  • If Jeff notices a sabotaged item before an employee fixes it, he will fire one of your coworkers.  Get all of your coworkers fired to beat the game!


  • Programming: PolyMars and Heurlectic
  • Art & Animation: Serulii
  • Music & Sound: Seowon Chang and Patrick Peng
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorsPolyMars, Heurlectic
GenreAction, Adventure, Puzzle
TagsCute, Short, Stealth


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so hard


gave me a new game idea >:]

make more levels


Yay I won! Also, the menus are not very good and it could use alot more polish :\

Barbra I'm sorry but *Sigh* we have to let you go


New video soon, I suppose?


hello, bye


hello, local British robot.

Gostei bastante do joguinho. E a arte está perfeita. Parabéns 


It seems you forgot to build in production mode… The window still says (DEBUG) at the top…