Esteemed businessman Benny Schwartz is dead. He was murdered, and it's up to you to find out who did it...


Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
AuthorsPolyMars, Heurlectic
GenreInteractive Fiction, Puzzle
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Mouse only, Mystery, Narrative, Short, Singleplayer, Story Rich


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didnt expect the ending

I really like the game and the ending(not spoiling it). Love all the work that was put in this project, big W!

I didn't watch the video,  and I GUESSED the killer!

he hasn't even uploaded the video yet

i just kinda assumed, cuz, you know?

Oh ok

isnt it the kiddo

Never Imagine


never could of imagined


of course it was the wife lol


Way to spoil the game.

wilbert was kinda sussy

damn, had me in tears


i killed myself for fun

i dont know what to say

incredible game, loved that ending, what a twist! Also, can we just talk about the music? The music in this game is just incredible...


great game but it was kinda easy to guess the murder


Great game like always!


Hey, hey, new video coming soon.....

poly where new vid

Deleted 237 days ago

He prob making it

Good game but here's so criticism.

.Should be longer

.It should say ''your wrong" when you get it wrong

.And think the murder should be randomised.

But it is a game jam game so I understand why is so short (but please update the game to its full capability).

it wouldent really fit if the murderer was randomized becuase YOU are the murderer

Dont Spoil!!

lol I got it right first try. I guess I've watched too many detective shows XD


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I loved this   game  kind of hard


Wow, nice game! That twist was surprising.

That twist, though!  I saw it coming and I just didn't want it to be true.  Well played.


Loved playing through this. The only critique I could find was that it's easy to just guess. Maybe implement a mechanic where you need to assemble evidence throughout interrogations before making your guess? It really was a delight to play.

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this simple game looks so well done,

the ambience, the audio, the representation of each character, it was excellent




lmao.. cute short game


Woah, that was unexpected! Really cool short game, i enjoyed it.


didn't expect that