You're a deadly but caring cursor in Cursor Custodian, a game made in 48 hours for the 2020 GMTK Jam using C++ and SDL2

  • Moving the cursor near the player will cause him to move in the opposite direction. 
  • Clicking the left mouse button near the player will cause him to jump. The closer the cursor is to the player, the higher he jumps!
  • Guide the player away from holes, but don't get too close— he'll die on collision with the cursor! Keep the player alive as long as possible to get the best score.

If you're interested in how Cursor Custodian was made, check out this video:


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so hard *rage face* :(

this is hard on iOS, it might be better on Android 

i just get a white screen ive been waiting for 15 minutes for something to happen or pop up but nothing has?



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You can compile it yourself for desktop with SDL2. Here is the GitHub link:

Edit: I found this: You can download the zip from here.


okay, so the problem that everyone is calling "too hard" is that jumping has zero momentum, if the cursor get too far away mid-jump, the player will stop scrolling and fall, and if the cursor gets close enough to keep moving mid-air, it seem like the "player" will colide with the mouse when the player is landing

also: "Python sucks :o"


wow this is very hard

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Jumping is so hard, but it's good, tho

It crashed my computer


i dont know what to say about that..


Very hard, I don't know if that was playtested for various mouse speeds and accelerations, but for my mouse it is imposible to perform the long jumps.

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I overlooked an issue with timestepping that makes the speed of the game dependent on your framerate. This makes the game near impossible on certain computers, but it'll be fixed in the next update!



that distance and best counter STILL error

I finally managed to fix it! For some reason Emscripten didn't like converting the score's char[] to a C++ string and back to do concatenation...



There's a bug where if you fall and hit the bottom of the land piece, the game continues. If you don't get what I mean, here's a recording.

Yep. Found it too


hehe yes

Dude this is amazing

its too hard

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The closer your cursor is to the player the higher he jumps


read the description.


nice gameplay