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polymars if you fall out of the world you dont die and the dsitance keeps going up.

polypolypolypolypolypolypoly          mars

bug where player goes into wall and is invincible until screen scrolls past

the player is way too slow pls fix

ur game has a glitch where it doesn't end the game when you fall in the hole

worked for me too

my best is now in the 50

i did it againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


he died



i did it again

oh he died

i will get a BIG highscore tho :|

i glitched it he did not die when he fell in to a hole :|

nice job poly!



I cant get past the first jump its so hard. Also how do you jump higher it never works for me

when i fall down but go into a block/platform you dont die for a fue seccons


I feel the same pain as your's polymarks when I try coding a game

I fell out of the map but didn't die lol

The screen is just black for me but the game is still playing




there is a bug where if you glitch into the side of a platform you become invincable and off the screen and 1 way to fix is adding side collision

dude the jump is not even a jump the jump suck

it is not that hard wtf played like 5 times and got 55 score

u just need to click for it to jump ya'll its not at all hard i got 41 first time

sooooooo hard

but got 15

too hard

too hard

(1 edit)

this is the hardest game that I've ever played. <3

suprisingly hard, but good


I fell in the void and lived






Some Jumps are imposible in this gam

This is hard but I still like the game :D



OMG!!!!! THE GAME IS TOOOO HAAAADDDDD >:::((((((((( MAKE HIM JUMP HYERRRRRRAa (In all seriousness, make the character jump higher, please.

are you ok?


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