A downloadable game for Windows

You're a coffee-craving bird(?) in Flappuccino, a game made in 48 hours for the Pygame Community New Years Jam!

How To Play:

  • Click the left mouse button or space bar to flap. Keep your caffeine meter from running out by collecting coffee beans!


  • Coffee beans allow you to purchase upgrades. Flap-Up increases the force of your flaps, Speed-Up boost your speed, and Bean-Up expands the amount of coffee beans on each floor.

  • Maximize your efficiency to fly as high as possible!

Install instructions

Note: As of now, the game is only playable on Windows. 

Extract Flappuccino.zip, and execute Flappuccino.exe.


Flappuccino.zip (Windows) 10 MB
Source code (GitHub)


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Make a 32bit version pls 

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10 hours with  auto clicker XD

yes lol

somehow addictive

Who's the king now?

i have respect for what u achieved.

Plz do mac build PLZZ

Please Note That This Game was made in python and as far as i know there is no way to build to mac os. (but that is just as far as i know.)

the source code should work on macOS if you set up Python and Pygame

dude the download doesnt even freaking start

same problem for m

I literally cant download this because of avast antivirus, i even removed the tracking !


am I getting something wrong? Tell me what I should do.


try whitelisting the folder


my windows antivirus feels offended by this game


why is it not letting me download the game? im clicking the "download" button and its not working still, can someone help me?


did anyone of those got this dll error bruh

redownload it


When I launch it says this app can't run on your pc please make it for 32 bit operating systems


say what?

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What, did you say something?


i reached 1040 height.

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mc'cuse me bitch


avast antivirus has a really strong opinion about this


same with windows defender lol

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ye it allows me to not able to download the game which is very confinient... totally


Can you remind me the definition of "Confinient"




The word doesnt exist there


got to floor 5555 also this game hurts my ears


can you make this a website game too please?


got 4125 and lost my sanity 


Can you make this game available for android? I would love to play this on my phone.


ah yes, another kid with that fnf pfp

right so this game is written in python. android has no capability of even running pygame

actually bullshit

you know nothing about python

(1 edit)

please delete your post or i report for retardedness

I got a score of 3941 ish good game


When I try to download Window says its a trojan and wont let me install.

Stupid windows lol

press "learn more" and "run" will appear.
press "run" to start the game

a bit glitchy when i start i go to level 1 and then when i do a single flap i'm on level 11 pls try to fix this if you can't that's fine but it would be great.


Pls make it into a mobile game!

im having problems downloading the game

oh noes it appears that avast hates this

press "learn more" and "run" will appear.
press "run" to start the game


uh oh

windows defender has a very bad opinion on this thing



jump upgrade is mostly useless and at some point you become too fast to be able to touch most of the coffee beans but you still dont lose because the meter goes down way too slow. good for your first python game in 48 hours tho.

Is there any way to just run main.py to play the game?

Install python and go into Command Prompt or Terminal, type "python /path/to/app/main.py"

Read here https://github.com/PolyMarsDev/Flappuccino#running-from-source


mcaffe sucks


(1 edit) (-3)

You use an anti-virus??? Use Linux you wimp. With the right distrobution, Linux is not difficult to use at all. With it, viruses, malware, and people hacking your computer are literally the last thing that you need to think about. I haven't used a version of Windows in like 6 months


listen i use linux but come on man calm down

same i use a chromebook so linux is perfect but it's great for any device

i thought people only used linux for servers lol

until 600 I still got my mental sanity hahah very good your first py game!! Congrats


Maybe add a save/pause function? This game is very good but it's annoying that you have to play it to keep your progress. 


The price for Bean-up goes off the screen after levelling up to level 8

you mean these?

Time lapse video: A day at Chicago's 'Bean' - Chicago Tribune


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i can't download this for some reason. it just pops up the thanks for downloading screen and nothing happens. I got so desparate i even tried miicrosoft edge but no results

Download using the itch program. It worked for me

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Why isnt the download link working? I dont get any downloading message form firefox and it doesnt download anything (I am trying to download the Windwos Version). If i click download it just says "Thank you for downloading... but in reality it never downloads anything.


Pretty impressive for a game made in 48 hours and with a language you didn't know, I can't even make a somewhat decent clicker game in 48 hours with a language I do know :P

Wow,how can you learn those codes in 2 days?wonderful!!!

Where did you learn to code Poly Mars?





Ehhhm I can't download the game. Windows tells me it is a virus :|


turn off antivirus


Windows defender is the one which flags it

can't turn off mcaffe

go to mcaffe files and delete them

bruh why dude

because mcafee sucks


I like the game at the beginning, but after everything gets to about 1000 coffee beans, it becomes something like a cookie clicker type game and becomes boring. I do really like the art style and it looks very cute. I also like how it has the limitation of you not being able to move left and right with arrow keys. my high score is about 2,000.

I think my Highscore is abothe 10.00

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