A downloadable game for Windows

You're a coffee-craving bird(?) in Flappuccino, a game made in 48 hours for the Pygame Community New Years Jam!

How To Play:

  • Click the left mouse button or space bar to flap. Keep your caffeine meter from running out by collecting coffee beans!


  • Coffee beans allow you to purchase upgrades. Flap-Up increases the force of your flaps, Speed-Up boost your speed, and Bean-Up expands the amount of coffee beans on each floor.

  • Maximize your efficiency to fly as high as possible!

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(20 total ratings)
Made withpygame, Bfxr, GIMP
Tags2D, Arcade, Cute, Flappy Bird, Flying, Incremental, one-button, pygame, Tycoon
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
AccessibilityHigh-contrast, One button


Flappuccino.zip (Windows) 10 MB
Source code (GitHub)

Install instructions

Note: As of now, the game is only playable on Windows. 

Extract Flappuccino.zip, and execute Flappuccino.exe.


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Windows Defender SmartScreen came up lol


 windows defender smartscreen me to LO L

(1 edit)

Just watched Your vid on YT. Great and very entertaining! ;)

please make it to a .exe

(1 edit)

extract zip

(1 edit)

yaye yay yy wye yayay dyeyayey aydya yes (please don't ask)

this guy has made a bunch of flappy bird clones but this is not a flappy bird clone it's original


Flap 11 Speed 10 Bean 8


Flap 11 speed 11 bean 8 ez game u shoud add something new

basically what it sounds like to have a dog outside in the rain

flap 9, speed 9, bean 8

i passed 1300 and got bored cuz i had no chance of dyin

Stats at the end:

Flap:7,  Speed:7, Bean:6


Here's how to get it working for mac!

1.  Download the .zip file from the GitHub page. (Code > Download ZIP)

2. Open the zip file.

3. Open folder in an IDE (I used visual studio code)

4. Install python 3.6.8 and pygame if you don't have it.

5. In main.py from lines 4-9, remove the . from each line (ex.

from .player import Player --> from player import Player)

6. In background.py, add the line "import colorsys"


Sound killed my ears after lvl 500 xD... but nice idea!

the sound is horrible

it wasn't downloading... rip


add this to browser please i only have a chromebook

chromebook is a big L


Just a little modding

(1 edit) (+1)


(1 edit) (+2)(-1)

no just a little modding


i know i said it for no reason

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Doesent download for me

same bro

same ):


i was just trying to buy a bean-up

the game is great, but i came from pygame.... im trying to use pygame, and i followed every single installation there is, and its installed every time. but how do you use it? i started using vs code for it, but i cant play the game i made anywhere, its just debugging, and testing, never actually runs the code..... pls help me... 

I had Steps Recorder running and there were 127 total steps:


Here is the last step (for proof):


How do you downloaddddddddddddd it's not working someone help


i think you need to wait since python is probably the slowest programming language

Ok then

(2 edits) (-1)

no its cuz the download website is blacklisted

also i was told that by my antivirus


my antivirus hates me


want py file

why cant i download the game? someone please help!!


and it got to -1,000,000 after 2 days! I'm happy!


descend to hell LEL XD

true XD

Thats an odd achievement but congrats!  :)


The next day....

The bird do be gone tho


so i left the game for a while...

free motivation available



How did you compile python to a .exe file?

Pyinstaller is a good solution. You can install it with pip

Deleted 339 days ago

Make a 32bit version pls 

(1 edit) (+1)

10 hours with  auto clicker XD

text extend hehe

yes lol

somehow addictive

Like coffe

Who's the king now?

i have respect for what u achieved.

Plz do mac build PLZZ

Please Note That This Game was made in python and as far as i know there is no way to build to mac os. (but that is just as far as i know.)

the source code should work on macOS if you set up Python and Pygame

you can find one here! https://github.com/bee-miczi/flappuccino-2/tree/1.1

dude the download doesnt even freaking start

same problem for m

Please reload the page!

bruh this was 115 days ago

Deleted 339 days ago

I literally cant download this because of avast antivirus, i even removed the tracking !


am I getting something wrong? Tell me what I should do.


try whitelisting the folder

Try deactivating the antivirus!


my windows antivirus feels offended by this game

Try deactivating the antivirus!


why is it not letting me download the game? im clicking the "download" button and its not working still, can someone help me?

Please reload the page!


did anyone of those got this dll error bruh

redownload it

You have an error with the dll!

sure imma redownload the pro game

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