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Oye, podrías hacer una versión del juego para Windows 32 bits? deseo mucho jugar el juego pero mi computadora es de 32 bits así que te pido si podrías hacer el juego para 32 bits

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Note: The instructions assume you already have python, and pygame installed.

Instructions: In the terminal, change to where the ZIP was downloaded, then unzip the ZIP using "unzip (the folder name)". After that, make sure to change into the newly created folder and run "python". This will then start the game.

If I have the chance, I'll create binary distro packages for the game.

I'm going to port the game to linux, I'll release it on my profile sometime.

yes i need linux i have linux gentoo/chromeos

I have ported the game to Linux (sorta) just make sure to have python and pygame compiled.

where are the files

screenshot of me playing the game


i am porting it to scratch unless it alreade exicts


is it done?


how do you turn a .py into an executable?


it may say it is a virus, but it isn't, it happens with my games too

your antivirus system be tripping



epic python game :)

Make it that you can play with no download

for anyone that gets that window pop up that its a virus but you know for sure it isnt just click more info on that window and it will let you pick play the  game or open file and it only does that bc the file is so big and cant recognize it from anything ig bc its on not on like steam or epic games etc

lol when i made a game norton said it was a virus

me too but Windows Defender said it was a virus when I zip and unzip the exe for my game

same, whenever i get something from an unknown publisher it does that lol

Can You Make An0ther Version Using Turtle Graphics

you don't need to write "Pip Install Turtle"

and by the way i subscribed your youtube channel

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in mod a game? and no fail?  ))      me to get a 2472

<2000 score and ~1000 beans

its coffee not beans

Coffee beans

1022 then i quit and i have -321000

Windows Defender SmartScreen came up lol


 windows defender smartscreen me to LO L

its bc not many people play this game

same, try disabling smartscreen protection or real-time protection

more info -> run anyway

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Just watched Your vid on YT. Great and very entertaining! ;)

please make it to a .exe

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extract zip

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yaye yay yy wye yayay dyeyayey aydya yes (please don't ask)

didn't ask.

thank you

this guy has made a bunch of flappy bird clones but this is not a flappy bird clone it's original


Flap 11 Speed 10 Bean 8


Flap 11 speed 11 bean 8 ez game u shoud add something new

basically what it sounds like to have a dog outside in the rain

flap 9, speed 9, bean 8

i passed 1300 and got bored cuz i had no chance of dyin

Stats at the end:

Flap:7,  Speed:7, Bean:6


Here's how to get it working for mac!

1.  Download the .zip file from the GitHub page. (Code > Download ZIP)

2. Open the zip file.

3. Open folder in an IDE (I used visual studio code)

4. Install python 3.6.8 and pygame if you don't have it.

5. In from lines 4-9, remove the . from each line (ex.

from .player import Player --> from player import Player)

6. In, add the line "import colorsys"


This also works on Linux since it is UNIX-LIKE and shares some similar features to macOS.

Sound killed my ears after lvl 500 xD... but nice idea!

the sound is horrible

it wasn't downloading... rip


add this to browser please i only have a chromebook

chromebook is a big L


Just a little modding

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no just a little modding


i know i said it for no reason

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Doesent download for me

same bro

same ):


i was just trying to buy a bean-up

the game is great, but i came from pygame.... im trying to use pygame, and i followed every single installation there is, and its installed every time. but how do you use it? i started using vs code for it, but i cant play the game i made anywhere, its just debugging, and testing, never actually runs the code..... pls help me... 

I had Steps Recorder running and there were 127 total steps:


Here is the last step (for proof):


How do you downloaddddddddddddd it's not working someone help


i think you need to wait since python is probably the slowest programming language

Ok then

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no its cuz the download website is blacklisted

also i was told that by my antivirus


my antivirus hates me

there's a source code version, you can edit it to give max stuff.


want py file

why cant i download the game? someone please help!!

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