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For fun, I remade Flappy Bird for the Nintendo DS using libnds and NightFox's Lib. My goal was to remake the game as accurately as possible, so it should have most of the features that the original game has.

I'm pretty sure most people aren't interested in playing a game from 2013 on a handheld from 2004 in 2020, but, if you're an outlier, I hope you enjoy!

If you’re interested in how I went about creating this remake, check out this video where I explain the entire process! 

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flappybird.nds 396 kB

Install instructions

The game can be run on a DS (Lite) with a flashcart, a hacked DSi or 3DS with HBMenu, or any DS emulator such as DeSmuME or melonDS.


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i tested this in 3ds TWiLight Menu++ and works

does it work with haxxstaiton?

how do i port it without homebrewed ds?

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Flash carts

ok thanks i will try to find one on ebay or smth

flappy bird is fun fun, and i have a modded 3ds, so...

Tested this on a homebrewed 3DS via NDS Forwarder, and it works great!

Have you guys considered trying it out on an actual DS?

works fine on a DS emulater...

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i got a ds lite but no homebrew or anything special just gba games


is it me or melonDS cannot even function with your ds games at ALL?

use desmusme

why did i reveal i used edge, and my video captures (xgb, I use obs now)

I use edge too

do you have DSi bios?


So, since I don't have an R4 cart or Micro Sd that were compatible I'm gonna try to send the game to my DS with the help of my Wii by using a homebrew program named Wii Ds Rom Sender.


That program missed the opportunity to call itself WiiD

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No puedo jugar Flappy Bird [Pantalla negra] Mi R4 es un R4 SDHC 2018 Dual-Core, lo siento, pero tengo que calificar esto con una estrella media: [

XD yo mismo :P

Necesitas instalar TwilightMenu++

Black screen too

got the same problem

Work on R4 2020 card on N3DSXL?

Currently trying with TwilightMenu++ on homebrewed 2ds, it should work there even if you use the flashcard version

It works with the flashcart version, yes

Thanks for confirming, I don't have a flashcart

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i cant import it, any ideas how?

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It didn't work on my R4i (black screen), but it worked when I used HBMenu: https://github.com/devkitPro/nds-hb-menu/releases

Thank you kindly 


This is going to be awsome!

I am testing the game on a rspberry pi 3B using RetroPie and mabye if i can find one, a Nintendo Dual Screen (nds) bios.

Thanks PolyMars for the amazing coding and porting you do!


Change of plan, using it on real nds using ttds game roms card.

I hacked my DSi a few months ago. Have over 300  roms on it, some fanmade but most are not. This game is so great on an actual system. Especially when you run it on an emulator and use an Xbox controller xD


kool I am waiting for my r4i/r4 card (that is probably fake) to arrive in the mail.

It arrived yesterday

How is it

It dint work. The rom din't load.

aw :(

Something like this happened with me. I had to update the firmware to a new version.

i had the same problem and i don't even know how to fix it :(

(i used melonDS)


Can you help please? The screen just appears black when I boot up the game on my R4.

i got it working then it was black after like a week i tried removing the .sav then im redownloading this game cus i got rid of the nds aswell btu try deleting the .sav

I had this issue, I updated the firmware / kernel and to a version that supports homebrew games.  Searching your R4 chip's model should come up with some answers.

Even after updating firmware I was unable to make it work? Can you please elaborate? (R4i Gold Pro 2019 on NDSL). I updated to the latest 2020 kernel and there were no firmware updates for that kernel.

Try running it with hbmenu: https://github.com/devkitPro/nds-hb-menu/releases

its probably a rick roll but i couldnt watch it since youtube blocked me

time to pop in the r4 card

Did you get it to work? If so, how?

I have a black screen ;(

Check my answer to Calick's question on this, it describes how I solved it when I found this issue.

For spanish speaker.

I don't know why but this game (and the examples of NightFox's lib) doesn't run on acekard 2, but in twilightmenu++ it works just fine.

There are certain homebrew features that aren't supported on some firmware versions of flashcards.  I'd recommend seeing if you can find an update!


takes out r4 with many backup of games on it

its an original r4 as well

Same with me

woah now I know why im buying a DS game carrt

Can I publish your game on nds.scenebeta.com? (GBA / NDS / 3DS Scene) All the publications that are there are in Spanish XD. It would be a good way to share your Homebrew :)


Nice work man, keep going.

Can you please remove the part where it says "nds-bootstrap"?

The game should work on anything that can boot a .nds file.

nds-bootstrap only runs commercial/retail DS games, and old DS homebrew (which this homebrew isn't).

My mistake, I'll take that part out of the install instructions. Sorry about that!


i will not run on my r4 gold cart or hiyaCFW but it works when i run it in the hb menu or twilight menu for me