You're a slice of aerodynamic pizza in Pizza Plane, a game made for the December 2019 LibGDX Game Jam! Steer your way through a world of delicious food and try to avoid being eaten by a hungry monster...

How to play:

  • Use the space bar to switch the direction you are moving. When gliding downwards, you'll begin to glide upwards when pressing space, and vice versa.
  • The game ends when you collide with an obstacle. To get a high score, try to stay alive for as long as possible!

Tip: To quickly restart after dying, press the R key to skip the death sequence and go straight to the score screen. 


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If you get the itch app on your PC, you can download the web build and run it as if it were a regular game! So basically that is the download. I would say you could compile it if it were actually open-source, but from what I can tell, PolyMars hasn't actually released it on GitHub.

Also if you wanted a download, you would also have to have Java on your computer, as libGDX, the library this game was written in is written in Java.

I have spent the last day or so playing Pizza Plane and yet this game is more then "pretty much just a flappy bird clone." It has provided me with a unique sense of enjoyment that keeps me coming back for more. My current high score is 37, and I expect that will grow. 

The controls are simple enough to understand, pressing Space to change direction of the pizza going towards the right. Navigating through tight areas with the pizza that you maneuver and the satisfaction you get from passing a tight gap is rewarding, and one of the reasons I've come back again and again. 

However, a downside is that there is a good chance that the pizza will spawn at a much faster rate than most previous playthroughs. That best score I mentioned, 37, is reduced to 1 when the game decides to ramp up the speed upon starting. It makes the game inconsistent by having 2 speeds. A more manageable speed, and a fast speed that randomly occurs.

Despite this, my time with Pizza Plane has been enjoyable, and provides a good, satisfying experience for 5 minutes. 


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r to retry is not working

*Geometry Dash flashbacks*


wat happens when he eats you

u die duh


Bravo! This is great! I love the art. Controls are super simple and every time I die I want to go back and try again. Awesome Work! Simplicity at its best!


Thanks! This was my first time using libgdx so I knew I had to keep my game simple if I wanted to finish anything. Glad you liked it!