Everyone is dead except for... an egg. Humanity is depending on you to make sure this egg survives. Balance power and precision in Terri-Fried, a game made in 72-hours with raylib for Ludum Dare 46!

  • Right click and drag your mouse to form a trajectory for the egg, and release the mouse button to send it flying!
  • The game ends when the egg falls in the boiling lava. To get a high score, aim for the falling platforms and collect as many coins as you can!

  • Saving and loading are only supported on the standalone Windows build. 
  • The web build is currently broken on Firefox.
  • The web build has a bug that occurs when dragging your cursor out of the window while holding down the mouse button.
  • Sound is disabled by default on the PSP build due to performance issues, but it can be enabled by pressing select during the splash screen (not recommended).

If you want a more detailed explanation of how Terri-Fried was made and ported to all of these platforms, I made a timestamped video explaining the entire process!

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 3.7 out of 5 stars
(34 total ratings)
Made withraylib, GIMP
Tags2D, Arcade, Ludum Dare 46, Mouse only, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksLudum Dare


Terri-Fried.zip (Windows) 525 kB
Terri-Fried.nds (Nintendo DS) 619 kB
Terri-Fried (FAT Disabled).nds (Nintendo DS) 338 kB
Terri-Fried.vpk (PlayStation Vita) 930 kB
Terri-Fried.zip (PlayStation Portable) 2 MB
Terri-Fried.zip (Nintendo Wii) 940 kB
Terri-Fried.dol (Nintendo GameCube) 1 MB
Source code (GitHub)


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For the PSP version, just put the folder in PSP/GAME/

you compiled for like 15 consoles and couldnt compile for linux. fuck me

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You know there's an application for using Windows applications on Linux called Wine right? 

Or you can use a vm Or play on your browser

Can you make it to where you can pause in the PS Vita version?

The controls don't really work.

Uh... all I see is a white screen in the browser version.

i not

I'm jealous of you.

Deleted 11 days ago

so rude

But accurate

I find this rude, but I'll try not to create controversy.  I find the controls just fine, but your opinion, your choice of words.


Yo, what's the difference between Terri-Fried (FAT Disabled).nds and Terri-Fried.nds?

you can downlod mobile verson

You can play in browser on your mobile device


Nintendo DS version is not working
It starts in a black screen

Try FAT disabled

your ds is broken or you are trying to use a 3ds (if you are then you need to homebrew your 3ds and get twilightmenu++

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Hey, on the gamecube version, when you press start, it gives you 2 varying screens and crashes. At least, I think so. Might be a problem with my emulator or smth idk.

Screen 1. In title, Black screen.

Screen 2. Mid-game, Magenta screen.

Not working in mobile.


It's not made for emulators I think


No, i don't use emulators.

i made a port for mobile, but I had to use CXXDroid and make all files into one big single file.

can you port it to the atari pls i just got it for christmas



Funny thing, he kinda did make a linux port. He made this with Raylib, which is cross-platform so i have no idea why he didn鈥檛 just compile it again for linux or macosx

I can't play it on my Nintendo Switch instead I get a black screen when it runs please help me I use melon ds from the homebrew store

this isnt ported to switch....

someone who compiled a wii linux kernel: *Laughs so hard he sh!t himself*

To play on Switch you need to open browser: https://thisisinternet.pl/2022/02/jak-uruchomic-ukryta-przegladarke-internetowa-...

(You can translate this article witch website translation.

Lol I'm bad...

can you make a .cia version please for the 3ds homebrew

NDS + TWiLight Menu++ (Found on GitHub) = CIA

Use the below comment or NDSForwarder like I did


port it nes

there are no c++ libs for nes xD

what if someone makes one doe

No one will. This game needs an analog stick or touchscreen anyway

You can play it on emulator witch analog stick.

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Edit: after testing multiple times, i can confirm that the Gamecube build is broken.

I love how you ported this game to 5 different systems. I watched the video and now i want to port my game cow story to 6 different systems. by the way can you run them on emulators?


you can

.dol? .zip?x3 .vpk? .nds?x2

they are there


cant wait for ps2 port


yes you can.




wath do you mean by -1?



yeah i guess you 're right :(



It shouldn't be too hard to make one if you just port the GameCube version with PS2 graphic and controller libraries



do it yourself then


I tried running the DS version on my 2DS through TwiLight Menu++ but it just gives me a black screen when I start the game up. All other game mods and stuff like that works, but not this. What do I do?

yeah i think it might just be the library he's using as i've had the same result with his flappy bird game

I thought it was the flash card i was using. Well now i know its not my flash card and that people had the same problem

i've been trying to find a way to make a 3ds / ds game for a while now, idk why there's little help online despite an abundance of of homebrew games. :

For now just use the FAT Disabled version

I have a bad idea. Remember phone VR? Turns out you can still make Google cardboard stuff, so here's my bad idea, make a phone VR port of this or some other game you made. (Honestly, if you actually do this, you have my praise and it will give me a good gauge to see if I should do it)

Do I need custom firmware to run it on vita?


ofc 馃拃


There are some games that just require copying to the SD card without CFW

how do you get it on the PSP? there is so many folders

homebrew i guess


Honestly, doing a switch port is really easy, you just need to upload a unity build with gamepad support.

if you go on GitHub there is the source code for the switch port which you can compile

compile it yourself, check the github

o play on Switch you need to open browser: https://thisisinternet.pl/2022/02/jak-uruchomic-ukryta-przegladarke-internetowa-...

(You can translate this article witch website translation.)

your not doing this to me, why is the wii version load from the hombrew channel

because its hard to make wads

not with dolphin emulator

that has nothing to do with the thing, wads are difficult to make. any slight mistake can banner brick a wii

Can you make (compiled) port for macOS, Linux and GBA with download link on itch.io?


more specifically html

html is literally there, its the web app (or compile it yourself)

gba as in game boy advance? mate there aren't any c++ libraries for gba 馃拃

But 3Dsage can make port for GBA


can you maka a port for MacOS??

don't know how to port to the PSP

got the PSP to recognize but it's saying it's a corrupted game. Plz help

(1 edit)

just use an emulator like ppsspp. https://www.ppsspp.org/downloads.html


if you're using an emulator might as well get the exe 馃拃 the psvita version has much better physics imo

Could not make it work on my 3ds. : -(

do you have twilight menu++ for your 3ds? or did you try doing a dsiware inject?

I tried twilight++, r4i card, nds bootstrapper.

Same here. Tried it on my 2ds with twilight menu and it just loaded a black screen.

Use the FAT Disabled version, and press Y while hovering over it on TWiLightMenu to change it to boot directly

Try to use the FAT disabled version. Worked for me

(1 edit)

use the .nds fat disabled download it worked for my ds and old 3ds i say old 3ds cuz i dont have the new 3ds so idk btw i used nds forwader or somthing to download it on my 3ds

have you tried using homebrew? or did you try to use a ds? try these and let me know if it worked

it works on a DS not a 3DS

do fat disabled

In case anyone's still looking for a 3DS version I've ported it myself  :)

when trying to run the windows version i get a console window with this information, then it closes:

WARNING: FILEIO: [storage.data] Failed to open file
WARNING: FILEIO: [storage.data] Failed to open file
INFO: FILEIO: [storage.data] File not found, creating it
INFO: FILEIO: [storage.data] File saved successfully
INFO: FILEIO: [resources/egg.png] File loaded successfully
INFO: IMAGE: [resources/egg.png] Data loaded successfully (32x32)
INFO: Initializing raylib 3.0
WARNING: GLFW: Error: 65543 Description: WGL: OpenGL profile requested but WGL_ARB_create_context_profile is unavailable
WARNING: GLFW: Failed to initialize Window
Assertion failed!
Program: C:\Users\Maksio\Downloads\Terri-Fried(1)\Terri-Fried.exe
File: external/glfw/src/window.c, Line 509
Expression: window != NULL

No linux port? Disappointed...

Hmm maybe I should make one lol

have u made it. been wanting to play it for a while. just asking hehe

no I have just started porting it

have you finished it? I'm not going to use it, just curious

Bruh he鈥檚 not gonna make it. I鈥檒l do it myself if he doesn鈥檛 show up

you can probably either build it yourself or just download like the wii version and emulate it yourself


does it work on a 3ds?

just try,i have a nintendo dsi,if you have a "Hacking" card of the nintendo ds,actully,found it yourself.


there's this glitch where if you move the player too fast on the left or right sides of the downloaded version you teleport to the top

cool but hard

im going to get terri-fried if i get the windows version ;-;


You can play browser version


For anyone having problems running the DS version of this on a flash card then use HB menu and/or run the fat disabled version. I don't exactly know if this issue also happens on things other then flashcards but if you are stuck on a black screen this may still work.
HB menu - Releases 路 devkitPro/nds-hb-menu 路 GitHub

how to install on 3ds

use twilight menu, it can load the nds rom on your 3ds using the native ds emulator

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