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ngl i think the analog stick/gamecube version is the best way to play, aiming with the mouse is a bit broken. i'm addicted tho

Despite what you said in the video, I find aiming with the analog stick on psp is easier than the mouse on pc

Like it, but the aim is a bit off imo. Maybe this is a problem with the web vers? idk

:) I like ur yt channel

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Hi there can publish your game to the nintendo 3ds eshop if possible?


Hey there, I love this game! I just wanted to say that in the ds version, if you go into the side of a platform at a certain point or angle, your egg will slide through the platform kind of like super mario bros. Fix this if you can!


How do i put this on my ds? I tried to open the website on browser in the ds but it didnt work


You need a special ds card. you download on your pc and place it on a sd card. then slide the sd card in the game card. Then put it in your ds/2ds-3ds. Then Launch the game.


You need to homebrew your ds.

you can also run it in twilight menu++ on a 3ds

it isn't working for me

if you have a 3ds use

You are really incredible. I still can't believe that you actually made it for old consoles like PSP DS or Wii even for PSVita without apply for PS Mobile dev license. I dropped C++ for the Python. When I saw your video I run quickly to download devkitpro but I got some errors when downloading and installing. But I want to stick with python. 

I played this game through the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. I wasn't very good but thanks for sharing it!

I wanna share how I got this running on my old Wii. I first ran LetterBomb, with my region and MAC Address, then put those files on my SD Card. I went to the WIi Message Board, then went to yesterday, then hit the red letter. It brought up a menu that, when you wait 30 seconds, shows to press 1 to continue. This enters you into the HackMii installer, where you can install The Homebrew Channel and BootMii. If you're just running Terri-Fried, you might just want the Homebrew Channel. If you're going to install other Homebrew, install BootMii and Priiloader (guides at Hit "Install the Homebrew Channel," and hit yes for the other popups. Once you have done that, hit Exit, and it will bring you to the Homebrew Channel. Delete the LetterBomb files, then copy over all the Terri-Fried files. Then go to the Homebrew Channel, and Terri-Fried should show up in the menu.

it doesn't work why better on Android, I wanted to play it. I guess I'll need to buy a new nintendo 3ds that's capatanle with ds games, or a switch

1. The switch can't play DS games

2. You cooould try using a DS emulator on your android device.

I never knew there was such a thing and there is sorce code on GitHub for this ggameon the switch


Just installed this game on my ds!

It crashes on boot.

Maybe, because I hve a PAL console or sth

You need an DS emulator

or you need to homebrew your DS

Its an custom game

its not licensed by nintendo so duh.

I know... I am using TWL++ in my DSi

no you don’t, with special software it’s not needed


I put it on my R4 card


3ds port when?


I am gonna try to port it to 3ds using citro2d.


3ds plays nds games

should work using ds port

Doesn't work on Firefox, but works on chromium based browsers (Edge).

yea, that's good cuz i wanna play on my chromebook

What do I do to install the game on a DSI XL/LL because I have heard DSI's don't support many  manual Downloads...

Overall my question is can I download it on a DSI XL/LL.PLZ Answer


U need an R4 card I think


or just hack the ds

I have tried installing game on PSP an "Cannot start game, data is corrupted"

Did you homebrew your console?


how you play I followed description?

It depends on what you're playing on.


He said right click in the description but it's left click

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How Do You Play This On The Wii?

I tried putting the game in the app folder on my sd card and my usb 

neither of which Worked.


I don’t quite remember how this stuff works, but you need a homebrewed Wii. Alternatively, you could just run it in an emulator like Dolphin.

yeah i am homebrewed i just tried a different sd card and it worked thanks anyway

that was 91 days ago lol


You need to have the Homebrew Channel. Open it and check there, you should see it.


hi, i have tried to get the ds build running on my ds lite with a ttds card, but every time i launch the game it flashes white and then crashed (i think, it is just a black screen), any advice would be welcome. : )

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same, i'm using a ds lite with an r4 clone.

edit: i put it in the root directory thinking it would help, now ysmenu just freezes when i try to launch it.

edit2: now it freezes just from me scrolling past it

edit3: alright, you have to download twilightmenu and open it from there


thank you so much, I will try it as soon as possible


use FAT disabled build

How do i get this running on the Wii?


You need to launch this with homwbrew

I look like you don't know anything about these things


1. Homebrew your Wii using letterbomb or flashhax.

2. Drag the apps folder into the root of your SD Card/USB directory.

3. Insert the SD Card/USB into the Wii and run the homebrew app. (If usb doesn't work, plug it into a different usb slot)








egg? egg.

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Just kidding






bean egg



That joke is not allowed













Funny arcade-style game. I never got a grip on the physics, but it was fun just launching the egg all around! Personal high score: 5

Thanks for trying it out! The physics/controls could definitely be improved but I'm glad you had fun regardless :)

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mfw wii port but no linux port :(

neat game though!

wine sucks


Dolphin has a Linux port, at least


And isn't there a DS emulator for Linux/Mac OS X?

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Yes, but for Linux compatibility, I think the easiest way would probably be to run a cracked version of MacOS on a virtual machine.
With this, you can easily emulate an iPhone on the VM to use Dolphin to emulate a Wii program like DeSmuMe!
Once you get DeSmuMe working, you should be able to seamlessly get the DS version of this game loaded up in no time!
Hope this helps :)

ps: please do not try this, this is purposefully convoluted and terrible advice


I understood about... one of the words u sed.

Jk it was at least 3

how the f*ck would you run dolphin within an iOS emulator? (I know its purposfully bad advice, but still)

It's not actually that difficult, and even works on non-jailbroken devices (although jailbreaking makes it considerably easier.)

The download and full instructions can be found at 

try installing retropie and getting drastic (you can also do this on x86 platforms easily)

i'm pretty sure you can use wine (wine is not an emulator) without any problems, this game doesn't have a drm (denuvo) or packer  (themida) so yes you can run it without any problems


... Just compile it urself. U got source code.