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Hello, I am a fan of yours but the only problem is that will you be able to make a Windows 7 version because on I took the Windows 10 version we will say but it doesn't work can it can you make a second version but for Windows 7 for 32 bits § please please § - that will make me very happy thank you

0in score 😥😥😥

i tried to do this on dolphin emu with my wiimote and it dosen't work

my antivirus said that it was a virus.

and said that it was a trojan :(


If it's windows defender, then it always says that to any game with a publisher it doesn't recognize

the nds version on my modded 2ds  doesn't launch 😭

Try the disabled FAT one

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i have a modded New 3DS (the one that is white and has SNES color buttons)

nobody cares

i am going to run this on the ppsspp emulator.


i tries the ds one with a emulator and it run soo badly on a i3 proccesor

blame the emu not the cpu :P


is a i3 2120 cpu

, the emulator that i.m using is ideas

so run the windows one


I am trying the console version

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the gamecube one is .dol which is for dolphin emulator

same with wii


"dol" refers to dolphin, the development name of the gamecube. applications on gamecube (and wii) have the filetype ".dol". the emulator is called dolphin emulator because well it emulates dolphin (the gamecube). the emu actually predates the wii, crazy stuff.

It says right click instead of left click

the GameCube version doesn't function isn't in the .iso or .gcn file format so it doesn't work with most consoles, only works with dolphin emulator.

1 (high score)

its broken :(

i got 2

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when standing on a platform, touch lava and shooting increases score and decrease


Played it on my 3DS!


wait you have a modded 3ds too!

how do i get it to work on my dsi xl cas it just shows a white screen on both screen

try the fat disabled version, i had the same issue on 2ds twilight menu but it worked on the other version

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how did you make a version for every single device imaginable but not a linux version lmfao

linux isn't a device, simple.

you know what i meant smh


because linux is for NERDS!


I made a mod Of this game:


Eny oprating sistem works but NOT linix.

try using the web version on gooogle chrome (don't work on firefox)


wii doesnt work :(

Require Homebrew channel to work

U can get it on Homebrew Browser



I made a wii Portrait

Looks siccc!!!

That means you liked it or not?

He likes it

Thanks, im brazilian, i know english very well but i don't know expressions very Well.


I made a mod for this game

do not trust it for windows 10.

in my ds the start button works fine.

Great game!

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if anyone wants to use it

here it is a ds portrait of terri-fried


Why is rated teen?

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If you press start or the home button it goes purple


You could make an version for Android or linux



You stole my name >:( 

by coincidence, but still >:(


Actually, I don't know if my username or this game came first, so there is that...


Well i have your answer

this game was made in 2022 and your account was made 88 days ago.


the game was made in 2020 and your account was made 65 days ago 


No you stole his name you registered 80 days ago the game was made 1000+ days ago


For everyone saying my account was made x days ago- I've been using this username in other places long before I made an account on here, so that definitely is not an accurate way to check.










How do you play on the wii?


Only a soft-modded wii can play this masterpiece of gaming. tutorial here


ok thanks

I got a 2DS and a Wii U, What version should i play? The DS one, or the Wii one?


the wii port isnt that good, so i would play the DS one

So, I got the Windows version, and each time I run it, It opens the Command Prompt, saying that there was an issue, and that I needed to contact the devs of the game. Could you please help? Maybe its my Old as heck Windows 7 PC? Who knows. Please help.

Yea may be ur pc

you use windows 7? i thought i was using an old one by using windows 10 (personally i think its a million times better than windows 11)

windows 10 isnt that old most ppl still have it inculding me

yeah but still

but i do think windows 10 is better then 11

hi from windows 11

Good!A good helper.

I saw this on youtube and its very good :)

For the PSP version, just put the folder in PSP/GAME/

It comes out as "Corrupted data"

Your PSP has to be modded. If its modded you have to do Fast Recovery to launch the game.


you compiled for like 15 consoles and couldnt compile for linux. fuck me

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You know there's an application for using Windows applications on Linux called Wine right? 

Or you can use a vm Or play on your browser


its just funny how he compiled for a gamecube but not linux

web version: am i a joke for you?

this is not about that, I know i can play it. i just found it funny that with all the stuff he compiled for linux wasnt one of them.

Can you make it to where you can pause in the PS Vita version?

The controls don't really work.

Uh... all I see is a white screen in the browser version.

i not

I'm jealous of you.

are u using firefox?


Try Other browser, It doesn't work on firefox

Deleted 1 year ago

so rude

But accurate

I find this rude, but I'll try not to create controversy.  I find the controls just fine, but your opinion, your choice of words.


Yo, what's the difference between Terri-Fried (FAT Disabled).nds and Terri-Fried.nds?

iirc FAT Disabled saves your highscore but doesn't work on twilightmenu++

its quite the opposite for me, only the fat disabled works on twilight, but maybe its different for original ds and not 2ds

Oh you're right I got them mixed up

you can downlod mobile verson

You can play in browser on your mobile device

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