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bug: all the people (including target) despawn


Mario DS Minigames vibes


hella addicting lol

funny song

imma just go on discord bunk this shit

def the best game you have made in my opinion


the moveing part is too hard

I love the game ,the game is really good. it's a bit too hard, you could have made an easy mode, normal mode, and hard mode.  It would make it a bit more easy. Still it's a great game and I love it.

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  1. yes i got 167 kills1

I've had my fair share of moments where when they were not moving, the one i had to shoot had its shirt completely hidden behind some other guy, but i still got it by guessing... But for the rest its a pretty good game overall

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yay 151 kills

damn bruh I got 19

exact same

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amazing its easy to snipe the enemy while they are moving so you dont rage

I am a bit colorblind but i can play it with no issues why do you say its so hard when colorblind?

- written by wafi nashwan wadud (yes that is my real name)


Different types of colorblindness. 

yeay 16 kills

17 git gud

19 git gud :/

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help me my screen resolution is a solid 2160x1440, sometimes it worked my highscore is 15

Nice game!

sometimes the outlaw doesnt show up

Yep tru 


they are usually just hiding behind one of the other citizens. That is a known issue that I believe they will never have fixed.

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Great work, PolyMars!

Immediate edit: My high score was just 10 xD


High Score 30 LETS GO

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game imposible when color blind

i cant tell the difference between green and yellow

same problem here


1. get colorblind glasses

2. know that green is darker than yellow


My highscore is 16 as of now

its fun hard but fun


my highscore is 13


Mine is 16 as of now


same lol


Nice game totally enjoyed it tho the background is kinda blank 



Gotta 100 kills and then misscliked...

amazing game though



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Wow! This is really fun! :D

cool game approved

Why when i kill somebody wanted i lose?

the game does not run?


Got 157 kills, eyes died so stopped playing smh, tho I don't see why people are saying that the game is hard


This game was literally just "how colorblind are you from a scale form 1 to 10"  But I still really enjoyed it! Great game!

Got a highscore of 35.

This is really har because im colorblind :/
But still good work

Good One

I got 16


The video says that the game would be hard to play if the player is colorblind, but I'm sure that the colors can be distinguished with every type of colorblindness

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Nope, not at all, green and yellow look the same in this.

Edit: I'm colourblind


For me the yellow and green look the same too

I can't tell the difference between the yellow and green :(





I agree

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