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Very enjoyable game!

There Are Some Very RARE Moments Of Rapid Loss.

Laugh: 💯


Man this is a difficult game! Though it was enjoyable and the behind the scenes video was great. It's also nice that the game is quite different from Singled Out, a similar type of game. Something that could be better is that the characters overlap with eachother, making it hard to spot the target.

Very cool game, really enjoyed it. Also like the behind the scenes video. You planning on working more on this game?


A more violent Wheres Wally, exactly what I was looking for.


34 is the best I could get. Very fun game, can't really pick much fault with it.

I guess if I had to then the music is probably a bit out of place and very repetitive, though with a 48h jam game it's hardly fair criticism.

Only other thing would be more variation at later levels since after so many kills when you get the small circle view pretty early on that seems to be the limit in terms of difficulty increase.

Overall very fun and that is what really matters with a game after all.

41 Kills! Very fun game. I like the aesthetic. Great job!

Thanks for the feedback and nice high score!


Great game - Was much more difficult for me as im red / green colourblind haha

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Thanks! Colorblind accessibility is something I definitely overlooked while working on this game, but after the jam I'll hopefully be able to go back and add more visual distinction between characters (besides just shirt color) so the game can be easily played by people with colorblindness.


I had the same problem, i couldn't get more than 5 when the green was the target :P

I have the same problem x). the game seems cool and all but I can't score more than 2 xD

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