A downloadable game for Windows

Your strokes are shared across multiple golf courses in Twini-Golf, a game made in 48 hours for the GMTK Game Jam 2021 with C++ and SDL2!

How To Play:

  • To begin a shot, hold the left mouse button. Drag to adjust the direction and force of your swing!

  • Release the left mouse button to shoot, and try to reach each hole in as few swings as possible!

Hint: Each hole can be completed in a single swing!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Made withGIMP, SDL
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Textless


Twini-Golf.zip (Windows) 1 MB


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Hey poly, any plans to make a browser version?

He said in his video, that he had learned from the past and that he won’t do a web build because it’s broken every time he tries it.

what the hell


polymars if you do not fix this I'm gonna steal your GameCube


bro literally search libgcc_s_seh-1.dll on google and download it, then paste it in your folder 💀


lol i already found a fixed version in the comments actualy

(1 edit)

fix ur game or ill steal the gfx and make a scratch clone.

edit : or a pygame one

no, make it on SCRATCH JR OR BUST


i made a zip with the missing dlls, you're welcome



I would not trust this comment one bit lol

Sure if you don't want to play the game 🤭

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Thanks bro it worked perfectly! 

bitcoin miner!1!1!!!!!11!


its acrually a feature wich is basically a speedrun timer cuz it overfills the memory

it doesnt work lol

Could we have a Chrome Version

i am NOT going to install sdl so that I can upgrade it to chrome

screw you :)


Mac Version Please


doo doo fart code


It needs these dlls: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ju46ETYRkY0x0Kq2XKYclTxsiH0EApIV?usp=sha...

my boi got a good ol' windows 10


Doesn't start if you don't include a few libraries but can be fixed by just dropping the requested .dll files in the folder.
Very big memory leak.
Course is achevievable with 32 GB of ram x)


I made it with 16 GB of ram 

jesus christ

no working :)

The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b).

Click ok to close the application.

How do I fix this?

Start Menu > Power > Restart

Try using Windows + Ctrl + Shift + B

It restarts your graphics card, should help a bit with SDL :)

It doesnt work

I Downloaded the dll files that the game required and it does NOT start correctly

Please make mac version


It's not working .Can you even fix it?

well it didnt

hope you got it working

it is not working

can there be a linux and mac version?

Do you have a 3DS(Answer is the same as do you have integrity)

bruh when is the web version

it's c++ there won't be one

I mean, there is a tool called enscriptem. ( I think that's what it's called) it compiles C++ to javascript and web assembly. he could just use that. he did for cursor custodian, and that was made with C++ and SDL2 just like this game.

oh nice I didn’t know that existed 

"C++ was first, Unity (C#) is next >:)"

3051 B.C.E., nice time travel kid (joke)

I completed the game at my peek I have 16 GB of RAM, and I had 16 at the end.


aww, can you make it available for web? :(


He said that it’s unreliable.

And also libstdc++6.dll Was not found.

I had the same issue!


its fixable but after that more dlls are missing OMG

When i extracted the game with 7Z (7Zip) And opened the game it says that the code execution cannot procced because libgcc_s_seh-1.dll. Anybody got a work around this or no?

not really, you need to download MinGW (w64) and get it from there

y'know unless you really want to use one of those dll sites but take caution on your every step if you use those

ok idiot, search up the things that are missing, then download them into with the exe

When I download and run the game it says I'm missing something


scamed :(


how did something free “scam” you




also you didn't pay, or did you...

did someone ask you to pay for this free game?


Has poly fixed the game yet?

I have 8GB of ram and I have explorer pinned to my taskbar(don't ask me why I don't unpin it for better performance)

(don’t ask me why I don’t unpin it for better performance)

that’d… do nothing.

yes it does, every app pinned is 5kb of RAM

no........ its not

from my research, it is

the used RAM goes up by 5KB according to task manager every time an app is pinned

Maybe that's just my experience, idk, to me it is

yes i does use some memory bu the amout is laughable, like maybe 0.3KB if that, depends how big the icon is

(2 edits)

i cannot play this game bc it got bug in terminal on mac( i use wine to open .exe file) 
but it said this "Prefix creation aborted" idk why can you help me to fix it 

(1 edit) (+1)

To be honest, I managed to complete the entire game.

I have a very basic Lenovo PC with Intel core i3 and but with 12 Gigabytes of RAM. While Playing the game, I was  simultaneously watching the Task manager too. To blow my mind, this monster gobbled up 8 gigs of RAM and didn't even crashed. At this moment, I had finished the game though as you can see. And then waited for to crash.

Then after that, the RAM count started to decline and went to 5GB (probably coz of virtual memory) and then stopped responding.

I wonder if anyone experienced the same thing like me.


game doesnt even launch


got an error. no bug fixes so far


poly said he would update it 


what happened with the ui? also the game crashed also many many MANY bugs pls fix the game


the game crashing is probably it leaking memory


Get libstdc++-6.dll

it's harder to get than most dlls  you need to get MinGW (w64) to get it i'm a programmer so naturally i already have it
the problem would be solved if polymars decides to use -static-libgcc and -static-libstdc++ to bundle those and fix other problems people have above there was a person with problems with libgcc

you could use those dll sites but they're dangerous

im litterally shitting on how much people I am looking at being idiots

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