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Throws an error

Throws an error

Throws an error

Throws an error

Throws an error

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its a rickroll

(its not)

Show post...

i doesn't works on windows 7 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

memory leak!!!!!1!

game takes ~180 mb of ram per second. truly a speedrunning experience :)

I came here from the youtube video on it, it's a known bug.

ye me too

my computer crashed a 10 seconds after running the game :(

As far as I can tell though, the more RAM you allocate to it, the longer it will run.

i have 16 gb ram and it filled up at 153 mb per second


this game is tras

very nice error :)


i cant play it

it says there's a missing file

i tried redownloading it too



yo check this video


fudge you


L haha


it's a rickroll


i know

Luckily I googled the URL and saw Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up.


just make it avaleble for liux

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yo guys i found a cool golf game like this one Golf twinsies.

This is a rick-roll

the link ends in xcq you can't trick me

bro I am going to sow you...


i found a working version here!

lol there was an ad

Rickroll? Are you serious?

what is wrong with you

everything ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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fuck you, I really fall for that? I'm the one rick rolling normally!

you can literly see the link when you hover over it

the link ends in xcq you can't trick me

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how fix error game in open?


sorry for the late response but just download all of the missing libraries and it should work

oh :(


you cant, theres memory leaks

Hey poly, any plans to make a browser version?

He said in his video, that he had learned from the past and that he won’t do a web build because it’s broken every time he tries it.

He said at the very end, "I might make a web build."


Maybe because of all of those memory leaks.

what the hell


polymars if you do not fix this I'm gonna steal your GameCube


bro literally search libgcc_s_seh-1.dll on google and download it, then paste it in your folder 💀


lol i already found a fixed version in the comments actualy

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fix ur game or ill steal the gfx and make a scratch clone.

edit : or a pygame one

no, make it on SCRATCH JR OR BUST

or you can use BYOB or Snap!

its pretty unknown tho


i made a zip with the missing dlls, you're welcome


I would not trust this comment one bit lol

Sure if you don't want to play the game 🤭

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Thanks bro it worked perfectly! 


bitcoin miner!1!1!!!!!11!


its acrually a feature wich is basically a speedrun timer cuz it overfills the memory

its not a feature its a stupid bug which has a memory leak

it sucks

it doesnt work lol

Could we have a Chrome Version


i am NOT going to install sdl so that I can upgrade it to chrome

screw you :)


Mac Version Please

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doo doo fart code


It needs these dlls:

my boi got a good ol' windows 10


Doesn't start if you don't include a few libraries but can be fixed by just dropping the requested .dll files in the folder.
Very big memory leak.
Course is achevievable with 32 GB of ram x)


I made it with 16 GB of ram 

jesus christ

no working :)

The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b).

Click ok to close the application.

How do I fix this?

Start Menu > Power > Restart

Try using Windows + Ctrl + Shift + B

It restarts your graphics card, should help a bit with SDL :)

It doesnt work

I Downloaded the dll files that the game required and it does NOT start correctly

Please make mac version


It's not working .Can you even fix it?

well it didnt

hope you got it working

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