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System Requirement(s):

At least 3TB RAM


5TB Recommended


And 10PB for an even better experiance!


.. and  someone said that performance isn't the core of performance.. i think that this game proves opposite.

And 1e+4539PB for an even even better experience!


Even you

I'm sorry.
Please Read my comment please 😁.


dosent work


Plz make a mac build

fuck you

Deleted 1 year ago

Works, thanks.

thanks for putting this out so that people that don't run linux and/or code can use the latest commit - davidgaming200, a coder

Thanks dude. That really helps so I can actually play it lol.


Thanks a lot :)


Guys if the game won't start for you, download the following DLL files and extract them in your game folder :

Also the game leaks a ton of memory, if the game crashes i'd recommend to restart your PC if you notice any slowdowns



The game won't load, even with the missing DLLs added.

"The application was unable to start correctly (0xc00007b)"




It was great, and I finished it, but it took up 8 gigs of RAM and I had to copy over the missing DLLs from other programs.


A mobile version would be cool


Almost uses as much RAM as Chrome




(1 edit) (+2)


Missing DLLs

200MB/s memory leak

Pretty good game tho.


just bought 1TB of ram too play. very good investment.


I can't even play it




The game was really fun to play! There's a few things I'd change, though:

  • The .zip file was missing libstdc++-6.dll, libgcc_s_seh-1.dll, and libwinpthread-1.dll.  They had to be added to get the project working.
  • Charging a shot stopped working if your mouse was outside the (kinda small) game window - but that might be a limitation of the API you were using...
  • As I'm sure plenty of people have noted, it leaks ~200MiB of memory every second. That's what you get for not using a language with a garbage collector! I can see how this would be an issue for lower-end machines.

Overall, though, you did well and I think the game is really fun! It's incredible work, especially considering you wrote it all in C++ :)

It's not necessarily a garbage collector that will stop memory leakages. it could be that he instantiated the game textures and sounds every ms (or game tick).

Also i'm not an expert or something, that's my thought.


Nice game until it leaked 700mb memory on my PC 😢


rip, you forgot something you have to code mate, forgot c++ doesnt have memory management you small brain poo poo(also big fan lol). the game used a ton of my memory but ya know thats why people dont use c++




I finished it, and the app only used 10 GB RAM.


my game won't open


just forgot that it needs some dlls to work

which were not included.

please check other comment

cool concept!

For people having problems running the game, I made a .rar file with some DLLs that you might need.


my game still won't open

You may have the missing DLL's in other programs on your pc. Install a program like everything search and look for libstdc++-6.dll, libgcc_s_seh-1.dll, and libwinpthread-1.dll.

nah, most non programmers usually don't have these these are files from MinGW (could be MinGW-w64 too but their dlls are compatible, usually)

mac build pl

game wont launch


This game crashed my computer.

The game won't launch.


Linux build please



Future Video? “How I made a game of golf in 48 hours with C++ and SDL2”? I can’t play it at the moment, cause mobile, but it seems that most people in the comments are saying it doesn’t run? I’ll give a review later.


It won't run Likely Because he forgot to bundle some DLLs and it has no memory optimization and also has awful memory leakage.


It doesn’t run on mobile, which is what I was using to type that out. And yes, I know about the memory leakage.

Did you tried the executing the exe as administrator on the phone? maybe that works.

If not, try compatibility mode by right clicking it, properties, then Compatiblity on the phone.

also install Visual C++.


it’s a god damn iPhone how the hell am I supposed to run an exe on it no phone that I know of can run exes except phones that run linux maybe

Then do what i said. run it as administrator. also did you tried setting the color-DPI to 16 bit?

i love ur game,please fix the bug


i can't run the game



The game is super bugged out. So much that I cannot even run it.


me too :(

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